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These days I'm not ashamed to say that I'm absolutely disgusted by these kind of sexual perversions, be it homosexuality, transsexuality or whatever else these filthy jews encourage people to become. Time is running short, and I want to get my thoughts across the table before she makes a final decision. It'll be far too late by the time that might happen.

While I don't approve of her decadent lifestyle, I have absolutely no idea how to make her understand that this kind of sexually perverted lifestyle is wrong. I just can't get that out of my mind, I guess I care too much.

In a rare interactive interview held at the end of January, high-ranking leaders of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints fielded questions on LGBT issues.

I think we as members need that assurance that we can indeed have our own opinions, support our children, and still follow our beliefs.” This question concerns transgender, and I think we need to acknowledge that while we have been acquainted with lesbians and homosexuals for some time, being acquainted with the unique problems of a transgender situation is something we have not had so much experience with, and we have some unfinished business in teaching on that. A leader of a church that is famously conservative on gender and sexuality issues expressed some reservations about current teachings on transgender issues, anticipating that more experience might lead to changes.

Here and elsewhere, rather than retrenching, the church is showing subtle signs of evolving some of its paradigms on gender and sexual identity.

In making his announcement that the military would accept transgender service members, Carter said that “there isn’t definitive data on the number of transgender service members.” But he cited RAND’s study of existing estimates “and their best estimate was that about 2,500 people out of approximately 1.3 million active-duty service members, and about 1,500 out of 825,000 reserve service members are transgender.” Those were mid-range estimates with the upper end of the ranges being 6,630 for active duty and 4,160 for the reserves.

So we are talking about a small subset of active and reserve service members.

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