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Here Murdoch stands at the point where they dragged the 26-year-old nurse out of the car and over a barbed wire fence In the first photo Murdoch, shoeless and shackled in handcuffs, shows detectives Ian Kennedy and Hugh Dundas the spot on Newton Road where he and his co-accused snatched Anita Cobby and threw her into a car.

Whiticker details how the gang of five stole a car, got drunk at Doonside and drove to Windsor looking to buy drugs.

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a robata grill, as authentic as we can make it without getting into, like EPCOT territory with kimonos and ninjas,” he laughs.

Though the former NFL player is not eligible for parole until 2017 and therefore cannot use the money until then, the source said he wants to get one over on the police and Ron Goldman's family - who won a .5million settlement after they filed a civil suit against OJ in 1997.

In a recent interview, Kaelin, who gave evidence for four days in front of millions glued to their TVs, said Simpson was guilty of butchering Nicole Brown Simpson and her friend Ronald Goldman - but that he was 'too scared' to say so during the 1994 hearing.

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According to the National Inquirer's source, OJ will not tell the wealthy collector where it is stashed until the money goes through but did say he initially kept it hidden at his Rockingham Estate and then moved it to Pacific Palisades, California, where he rented a house after he was acquitted.

Mick Murphy later claimed they needed money for petrol and then they saw Anita Cobby walking down the road.

Les Murphy points to the spot where Anita Cobby was dragged by him and the other killers.

We first go into the basement— that is, Charcoal Bar, the separate downstairs bar space which will be manned by Matthew “Choo” Lipsky (Morso, Untitled).

The inspiration comes from the charcoal that goes into the robata grill, and the walls are wood that was hand-scorched by Kato, Lipsky and sous chef Justin Romine with blow torches— a very long day, they laugh.

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