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Remember, these rules are not meant to restrict you; they are meant to help. Now, find a balance between making and breaking your rules. Be a good picker First, you’ve got to be a good picker.

Pay close attention to the men you are attracting and the kind of man you want.

Go public Last, if you’re dating online, make sure to meet in public places on your first few dates.

With a gentle presence and humor, she delivered God's truth in such a relevant way that everyone agreed with her and left feeling like they had a plan for the future, yet no guilt!

The reward will be a blessing to all who hear Gila and her message. It’s not an exaggeration to say that everyone was provoked, energized and engaged after her presentation.

And yes we know about all the great advice there is out there about being a woman of confidence and keep yourself busy blah, blah but that is all really hard to do.

We obsess about what to say, when to say it, if we say it right. Obsessive thinking when you are a girl is f**king normal.

He may or may not look, act or seem like he’s the one when you meet him, but ask questions. Don’t travel in packs Second, don’t go out in packs of women.

Men are just as afraid of rejection as we are and, if he sees you with a gang of girls, he may be afraid to approach you. Marriage-minded men aren’t usually hanging out at nightclubs. Working out can be a great stress relief when dating has you down. Know your moves Fourth, once you’ve met someone and he’s asked you out, let him make the moves.

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