Pink butch walker dating

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The year is 20-something-or-other and our post-apocalyptic world has been reverted to some sort of martial state out of an Ayn Rand novel.

The Gestapo of the future pull a not-quite-dead-yet David Bowie in front of a closed tribunal, charged with corrupting the youth of the twentieth century through subversive sonic activity. Making crap like prog and art rock fun by fusing them with kickass Marc Bolan-style glam rock and changing popular music irreparably.

Now he’s on a smaller indie label, Original Signal, who have clearly given Butch the freedom to write the great songs he’s capable of.

Right from the start, "The Weight of Her" is the kind of sugary yet edgy pop that Walker fans have come to love him for, and the kind of, um, formula, that has made acts like Fountains of Wayne successful.

You know, the ones who think they know the formula for a hit song and try and mold a guy who writes great pop/rock into a Gavin De Graw-meets-Nickelback sort of radio hybrid.

Walker knows that formula is not the key to artistic integrity (though he’s good at it for his day job), nor is it what most fans want at the end of the day.

And sometimes I do those things just for strictly the love of it because I’ll be really passionate about something and believe in it whole-heartedly.

Maybe the best part about Walker is that he’s never really cared what the record execs say. Because in addition to being an amazing artist and songwriter, Walker is one of the most sought-after producers in the business, having worked with the likes of Pink, Bowling For Soup, Avril Lavigne and countless others. It will just be too easy and too good to turn down, and I think that’s just too natural to want to do stuff like that. Getting to where I’ve gotten based on learning the craft, that’s one of the perks of the job. And then sometimes I’ll do it for the money, you know?His releases between those two albums were not bad, though not up to the high standards Butch fans have come to expect.Maybe that’s because his day job of producing artists like Katy Perry, Pink and the Automatic had sapped much of his energy, or maybe it’s because he needed a life-changing experience to spark some creative genius again (Walker lost his So Cal house in a November 2007 wildfire).

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