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I don't know who would hold off on buying the game for this long only to decide 2010 is the year to get it, but crazier things have happened.And yeah, if you literally only own a Mac, you have an excuse.Counter-Strike: Source is still being updated, believe it or not. And for those who don't have it, there's a temporary price slash that brings CSS down to .80.New features -- available for both the new Mac version and on PC -- include: improved player stats, Steam achievements, updated scoreboards, and a few other additions that bring CSS up to speed with newer genre conventions. Valve has whipped up a fancy custom Steam page for this news, which includes pictures of said newness and a link to purchase CSS.

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Christensen said: “Well, there’s gonna come a…oh, I don’t know if I am allowed to say that, but they [Valve] are working on some kind of CS version or a new game, but that is years away” - Source The above-mentioned rumour is the only bit of information we have about a possible new CS, so at the time there really isn’t much to go on at all.

Counter-Strike (CS) has gone through multiple iterations throughout the years, from the original half-life mod, growing as an e Sport with CS 1.6, Condition Zero, CS: Source and CS: GO.

The latter, which is of course the latest version of CS, released in August 2012.

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