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By signing up you agree to follow these guidelines. If your site has been dropped, or never approved, it means you are Bible - Believers SBG is a Directory of Bible-Believing Websites that proclaim: rn The King James Bible as the infallible written word of God! One of the main reasons for this is that many Baptist Seminaries have become filled with "unbelievers" who do not believe what God said in His Word, the Bible.(A Seminary is a type of school where Baptist or other preachers are trained for the ministry.) Some of these unbelievers reject only part of the Bible.After the Revolutionary War started, in 1778 Leile made his way to the British-occupied city of Savannah, to ensure his security behind British lines. All sites are reviewed on a regular basis, and prior to being approved.The effect was powerful, and it inevitably produced the desired result: swarms of male teenagers trance-walking their way to Schaap (pronounced “Skop”), ready to commit their lives to becoming pastors. Then, his voice dropping to a guttural whisper, he said, “Oh, oh, God.

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Because Fundamental Baptists hold that only those who believe may be baptized, Fundamental Baptists therefore reject the baptism of infants, (who, because of their age are not yet able to believe on Jesus).Leile's master, a Baptist deacon, had freed him before the American Revolutionary War.Over the next few years, Leile converted and baptized slaves in the area.George Leile, a slave who in 1773 was the first African American licensed by the Baptists to preach in Georgia, played a part in the founding of the Savannah church by converting some of its early members.His initial licensing as a Baptist was to preach to slaves on plantations along the Savannah River, in Georgia and South Carolina.

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