Diablo sport updating

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Seems logical they should be using the same numbers in the CMR software that end users would see in this case...

or at least provide customers information on how to calculate the number correctly.

Read through the instructions, downloaded drivers and plugged it in to the p C to make sure it saw everything. I went out, plugged it in to the car and as it instructed, clicked tune.

Shortly after it says updates loaded to the intune, it shuts my drive down and my intune stays stuck on preparing ? Got behind him at a light and he did his take off thing, like he blowing by everyone and feeling fast. We got back the power we lost due to the wheel/tire change and then some... I will recommend you to everyone I know because point blank I don't see how anyone else could be better. I did a two car pass today, started at 60 MPH in 4th and by the time I pulled back into my lane I was doing 106. Very strong/harder pull through the rpm's...passing on the highway throws me back in the seat and hurls the car forward... Tranny shifts are more defined and with more punch! the experience gained and the performance gained, to this point, have made it well worth while. Secondly, his custom tune is a definite gain over the canned diablo tune, which itself is pretty impressive. This thing is a rocket ship with being a family truckster. I'll tell you, it was the fastest few seconds I've had in that truck. I may need to put bigger brakes on because it's no fun to have to lay off so quickly :) You have an insane talent - I tip my hat to you! :) I could sit here and tell you how badass my truck is now but it is something you would have to experience. If anyone has any doubts about using Lew for a custom tune, consider this your wake-up call! Thanks again man, it was definitely worth the cost! Best money ever spent on any vehicle as far as performance. I have to say, that Lew has been available to answer any questions (not that I've had any yet), but communication is fantastic! I leave for work at and won't access my email again until tomorrow morning, so I thought to myself - Well maybe the custom tune will be waiting on me when I get in to work in the morning. With your tune pre intake with just headers and cold air intake got the car consistently in the 8.20's in the 1/8 mile! I am very happy I did the Intune with you custom tune. It has so much power now and like you I am not into my truck for racing, BUT I did run across a "fixed" up old fox body mustang weaving in and out of traffic with his loud exhaust and such. Really fun to drive now, wish I would have done this years ago! You are truly amazing at what you do and I am very happy with you extremely reasonable pricing for how much time you spend making sure everything is perfect. I used to race, mod, and tune my own Talon TSi several years back so I typically know a well tuned car when I see it. It is nice to be able to beat up on people that think this big truck ain't got shit, well I got diablew!!! So far I'm extremely happy with the Trinity and the customer service has been outstanding. This guy responds within like 10-15 mins, no matter what time of day you email him! I was scared of both of these purchases (predator & your tune) at first...I'm just amazed!! With my tahoe, I stepped on the gas at 75 and I was at 100 in what felt like a second. The city is a mess thanks to Obama's visit and the tree lighting. The car is running great, getting better mileage than ever, and is much more fun to drive. Definitely better throttle response and a little better mileage. I can't believe the dog I've been driving after Lew's new custom tune. I was able to send the Log and Tune files to Lew at . I think you did a pretty good job you unleashed a beast! Before your tune it ran 8.30s-8.40s in the 1/8 mile...IE: 255/45/18 showing as 771 Revs per mile in the CMR software which calcs out to being 746.4 on all other tire size calculators I have found on the internet. JPG Oxford White 2015 Premium GT with 50-Year Pkg | 3.55 Gears | Roush CAI | Baer Eradi Speed-Plus 2-Piece Rotors | Stainless Works 3" Cat Back | JLT 3.0 Oil Separators | FRPP M-20201-M STB | Redline Hood Struts | MMD Hood Vent Scoops | Dark Ceramic Tint (25% sides/20% rear) | Lloyds "50 Years" mats...Performance White 2012 Premium Pony Package | PP Engine Cover | 25% Tint | Baer Decela Rotors (drilled/slotted) | Torsen T2R 4:1 TBR | FRPP 3.73 Gears | GT500 Differential Cover | Airaid CAI | AE 4" Aluminum DS | Bama 93R | Boss 302 STB | BMR Adjustable Panhard & Brace | JLT Oil Separator | Nexen N3000 255/45ZR/18Y tires 2013 SGM 3.7 | MPT Tune | JBA Titanium Ceramic Shorty Headers | MGW Gen 1 | Blowfish Street Bracket | BBK TB | 18" Charcoal AMR | FRPP 3.55 | BMR LCA | Steeda Panhard Bar | Dynotech 3.5" Driveshaft | So when end users tweak their own tunes and adjust the tire size the input on the devices want revs per mile... Look it up on-line and enter the value that they find...

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