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) de Simon Wells et Deux frères de Jean-Jacques Annaud (2004), tout en continuant à jouer dans des pièces et films australiens comme The Hard Word de Scott Roberts (2002) et à construire sa maison à Melbourne.

À deux reprises, il a failli obtenir un rôle dans un film de Christopher Nolan, après Memento.

4,796 M1A1 tanks were built for the US Army and the US Marines, and 555 co-produced with Egypt.

Dans sa jeunesse, il a commencé sa carrière par plusieurs pièces de théâtre et est entré ensuite à la télévision pour jouer dans le feuilleton télévisé Les Voisins en 1985.

The following list is compiled from a combination of unreliable memory traces, favourite actor preferences, and IMDb assaults undertaken by Yours Truly. An “Australian movie” is taken to be any movie that is set, filmed and produced mostly in Australia.

It may not be the most systematic list ever put together. Examples: was set in Australia, and starred some Australian actors, it was produced, written and directed by Americans in the U. Finally, since most movies begin production at least a year before they are released, Keating gets all of 1996, even though he lost the bloody election in March of that year.

Despite having less experience than Sir Douglas, Flt Lt Hodgkinson referred to himself as a 'poor man's Bader' - but historians say he was 'much more than that'.

Flt Lt Hodgkinson and Group Captain Bader were the only two British double amputee pilots to fly during the war.

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