Carly simon dating 1970

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“The answer is on the new version of You’re So Vain.There’s a little whisper – and it’s the answer to the puzzle.” Simon said in 1983 that the actor matched the description.

Simon has confirmed that it is a reference to the man who, according to the song, 'walked into a party like he was walking onto a yacht.' “I’m just going to tell you this,” she said when asked about pop music’s great mystery in an interview with Uncut magazine.

A successful musician in his own right, Taylor's voice is uncannily like his father's: mellow and sincere, with shades of dry wit and melancholy.

Simon had her first US top-10 hit in 1971 with That's the Way I've Always Heard it Should Be from her self-titled debut album.

The song struck a chord with women who were beginning to challenge the conventional wisdom that all they should want out of life was marriage and domesticity.

The identity of the singer’s self-regarding former lover, which coincides with the release of the 64-year-old’s greatest hits album, is disclosed during an instrumental interlude in a new acoustic recording of the hit.

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