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"I designed it for career-oriented, busy, professional women," Amanda Bradford says as she looks down at a device in her palm.But instead of an alarm clock that rattles off to-do list items or a hybrid baby monitor/conference call speaker, the 29-year-old's clutching her i Phone and swiping through a prototype of The League, her dating app that launches today.We like this rocking lamb, mainly because it has a nice face and is very strokeable, but also because it is strong enough to feel like you can ride it without it falling apart.

Please do your own safety assessment before giving these to a child. Tomy Aquadoodle – Thomas and Friends: £20, Amazon The Aquadoodle is a reusable mat that you draw on with water – so even the smallest hands can make a mark using a brush, an Aquadoodle stamper, their hands or, er, by throwing a beaker of water over it, though the last of these takes longer to dry and therefore longer until you are able to use it again. The ability to put the animals in and out of the boat – check.

En español | Seeking to justify large increases in premiums for older adults under the proposed American Health Care Act (AHCA), the Republican staff of the Joint Economic Committee released a short paper last month entitled “The Myth of the Senior Tax.” But the paper fails to grasp the severe consequences of weakening the current law that prevents insurers from charging older consumers more than three times what younger people pay.

The AHCA would raise that limit: Premiums for older people could jump to five times the amount insurers charge younger consumers, from the limit of three times the younger consumers’ rate under the current law, the Affordable Care Act (ACA).

Prior to the ACA, Maine was one of five states that required guaranteed issue and protections for people with preexisting conditions. However, a critical piece was missing: There was no law to incentivize participation in the market, such as the ACA’s individual mandate.

As a result, fewer healthier individuals chose to enroll, accounting for high premiums prior to the ACA.

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